14 December 2013

After upgraded to Mavericks, my Message and Facetime stopped working completely, and I couldn’t even login. After googling for a while, I realized it was the problem of my serial number! Check here.

This article is pretty good but the software it provides did not work for my MBA’11. I got an error something like loadefidriver image start failed .... Then I kept on searching until I hit a file named as blank board serializer 3t106 063-7137.zip. Sorry I don’t think it is legal to download or share, but I really don’t have time to go to Apple Store. So please don’t ask for it.

This file has size of around 21.6MB, and it contains two versions: 3T106 and 063-7137-A. The later one worked for me. But I had to convert the .dmg file into read-only first, otherwise I couldn’t restore it to my USB disk. I got an error like invalid argument. To convert it, load it to Disk Utility, right click and choose convert. Then follow the guide you may find anywhere to restore it to a USB disk or CD, then boot and burn serial number.

Make sure you are burning the right serial number because this is write-once!

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