20 November 2013

I was very surprised that I couldn’t found any article talking about how to make RapidMinder Server (formerly RapidAnalytics) work with R extension. All those articles are discussing how to install that with RapindMiner Studio, like here, here, or here.

However, the problem was I couldn’t figure out where to configure rapidminer.r.native_lib. I tried to give a -D jvm option, but it didn’t work; and since it is running inside jboss, all those *rc files would not be read. I even tried to read the source code to understand what was happening.

Finally I realized that I needed to configure it in the GUI! There is a system settings menu item where you can add more configurations. So basically you add a new one named rapidminer.r.native_lib with the value which is a path pointing to your jri library, and that’s it. Oh, yes, you need to restart RapidMinder Server. BTW, the configuration is written into database.

Maybe I was too stupid, but anyway I hope Google would index this article very soon.

P.S. This thread actually discussed this question.

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